Commitment to the origin from the destination

AGS Cargo, AGS Holding´s company, function like an international cargo agent, it has head office in São Paulo and branches in Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Miami and Italy, it also has a wide network of representatives around the world.

More than transport product, AGS Cargo manages all the process to the beginning from the end, ensuring that the cargo arrives to the destiny with the same quality at the begging, with agile way, security and with the best relation proportion cost-benefit.

We offers complete solutions (door to door), providing to our clients a centralization of information and an optimization of processors, ensuring the successful of operation.

Our experience

The AGS Cargo´s path started in 1999, in São Paulo, with the goal to achieve an efficient international logistic service.

With a solid baggage of knowledge and a frequent process of innovation, AGS Cargo became one of the most recognized company in your universe of action, and highlighting in your technical and specialized work.

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Certified quality

AGS Cargo is accredited like agent IATA (International Air Transport Association), which means we are allowed by this organ to manage and transport cargo by airway.

The IATA is the organ that charges of regular air traffic in the world, and provides international recognition and credibility among all air companies (airlines).